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Digium new TE133 and TE134 single span digital cards

Digium’s new TE133 and TE134 single span digital cards are the latest additions to the Telephony Card family. The TE133 and TE134 design utilizes state of the art technologies to support T1/E1/PRI environments that require a high-performance, cost effective digital telephony interface card. The TE133 and TE134 have the ability to create a seamless network, interconnecting traditional telephony systems with Voice over IP technologies.

New Digium D40 D50 D70 SIP IP Phones for Asterisk

Digium’s Asterisk software and Digium phones built exclusively for Asterisk allow you to customize your end-to-end solution. See why no other phone can truly extend Asterisk to the desk phone. D70 Phone
An HDVoice, PoE phone with 6-line keys and 10 digital, rapid dial buttons with real-time status information and busy lamp field indicators for 100 of your most important contacts. Designed for administrators or executives.

New Digium phones will work with any version of Asterisk

Digium's family of IP Phones are the first on the market built specifically for use with Asterisk and Asterisk-based systems. All models include HD audio and plug-and-play deployment at a price that fits any budget. With multiple line appearances, context-aware soft keys, and advanced applications that integrate directly with Asterisk features, the Digium phones offer a better user experience than any other phone on the market. Most desktop phones come with a fixed feature set that is determined exclusively by the manufacturer. Digium phones are different.

New Cisco Catalyst 2960-S and 2960 Series Switches

The Cisco® Catalyst® 2960-S and 2960 Series Switches are the leading Layer 2 edge, providing improved ease of use, highly secure business operations, improved sustainability, and a borderless network experience. The Catalyst 2960-S Series Switches include new FlexStack switch stacking capability with 1 and 10 Gigabit connectivity, and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) with the Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches offering Fast Ethernet access connectivity and PoE capabilities.

Digium Switchvox AA60 Appliance

Digium Switchvox AA60 Appliance

Ideal for demanding small offices or home offices that need a professional phone system, Switchvox SOHO has an easy web interface, so there’s no need to worry about the details that make traditional phone systems so complicated. We know that the smaller you are, the faster things change, and the last thing you need is to worry about the technology that’s supposed to be making things easier. Switchvox SOHO delivers an incredible set of features to even the smallest offices, even when you’re out of the office.

New Digium Phones Designed for Asterisk

Digium has introduced a new family of high-definition IP phones. They are the first that are engineered to fully leverage the power of Asterisk, the world's most widely adopted open source communications software, and Switchvox, Digium's award-winning unified communications (UC) system. With Digium technology on both the server and the phone, users will benefit from the best possible performance, unprecedented integration and a uniquely customizable phone system.

The Digium phones include the following models:

New Yealink VP530 Phone

The Yealink VP530 is the latest innovation of advanced color IP video phone. Unified with audio, video,
applications, the VP530 is a powerful, easy-to-use business video phone. Its large display and ease of use make
VP530 an ideal all-in-one tool for today’s busy executives and managers, whether they are in office, soho,
healthcare, etc. With its superb user experience and rich business features, it creates an immersive,
face-to-face experience over the network, empowering you to collaborate with others like never before.
Excellent User Experience

snom 760 IP phone

The new snom 760 IP phone: High-level functionality coupled with a multitude of professional features

The snom 760 phone addresses office users that require excellent audio, PBX-style keys, and rich visual information. It combines a state-of-the-art
hardware with the proven snom SIP software.

The snom 760 not only provides you with comprehensive IP telephone functionality, but also a whole range of extra features which really put it in a class of its own compared to similar products.

Digium TE820 Octal-Span Digital Card

Digium’s TE820 Octal-Span digital card is built exclusively for high-density Asterisk® applications that require high performance, cost effective digital connectivity. The TE820 includes eight independently software-selectable digital telephony interfaces, supporting up to 192 channels (in T1/J1 mode) or 240 channels (in E1 mode) — the highest single-card port density available for use with Asterisk. The TE820 seamlessly interconnects traditional telephony systems with Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies at the lowest per-port price on the market today.

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